Funding innovation and sustainable development
We build strategies to catalyse external funds
for public and private entities.

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A team of reputable professionals

BEurope Ltd was founded in 2007. The company is based in Malta and provides consultancy services to Local and Regional Administrations, Central Governments, SMEs, Cooperatives and NGOs across the EU. The company enjoys a multidisciplinary team of professionals with international experience in specialised consultancy services coordinated by Daniele Fantechi.

Our Services

Funding Innovation and Sustainable Development

BEurope Ltd. offers its clients strategic support to leverage on external funding sources, particularly EU and National funding for the achievement of long-term goals.

Over the years, BEurope Ltd. has helped public and private entities to shape their development strategies and objectives to maximise their capacity of attracting external funding and achieve a higher impact.


BEurope Ltd. approach and support enables innovations to uptake the market and transform into commercial ventures able to attract financing and consolidate. In our approach, the elaboration of project proposals is the output of a complex process which involves strategic analysis and planning.


BEurope Ltd. works to support innovation development by:

  • assessing the innovation level and capacity of the proposed project
  • identifying the most suitable funding opportunity available
  • developing the project ideas into a complex and structured plan
  • suggesting organisational changes and adaptations
  • planning, designing and budgeting the project/s
  • preparing the necessary documents and forms
  • identifying and building of local and international partnerships where required
Funding Innovation & Sustainable Development

Our Services

Business Analysis and Development Strategies

BEurope Ltd. supports territories, particularly for rural areas, in building sustainable development strategies, with the aim of reaching higher levels of economic, social development and a positive impact on the environment.


We conduct research and context analysis prior to the formulation of plans or policies, adopting a bottom-up approach based on the active engagement and mobilization of relevant stakeholders.


BEurope Ltd. designs development strategies that catalyse external funding and achieve a higher impact.

Business Analysis & Development Strategies

Our Services

Project Management

BEurope Ltd supports its clients with a focused assistance for the management of their funded projects. This includes financial and technical administration as well as the coordination with partners and providers, in line with the specific requirements of the EU fund being awarded.


During the implementation of the project, BEurope Ltd provides:

  • technical management of the project after award;
  • communication support and relationship management with the managing authority responsible for funding;
  • financial management support.

Upon termination of the project, BEurope Ltd provides:

  • technical and financial reporting assistance;
  • first level verification of documentation.
Project Management

Our Services


BEurope Ltd designs, organises and delivers training courses and programmes based on the Learning Outcome approach and line with the European Qualification Framework. The courses and programmes are aimed to empower entrepreneurs, managers and staff to cope with the increased complexity.


In particular, BEurope Ltd. provides courses in the areas of:

  • European Policies and EU Funding
  • Project Management
  • Rural Development
  • Entrepreneurship
Training Courses & Programmes

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